How to Travel in London – For Beginners

Are you planning a trip to London? It can be very challenging to plan a trip to London. There are so many Attractions to choose from: Museums, Churches, Theaters just to name a few. where do you begin? The following are just a few suggestions for how to travel in London for beginners.

Plan Your Trip- but not too much

Start planning your trip as early as possible. Make a list of the top sights that you really want to see and plan out which days on the trip you would like to do each one. Try and limit yourself to 1 morning “event” and 1 afternoon “event” just so you will not jam too much into each day of the trip.

Stay Flexible

Even thought you have each day pre-planned, don’t forget to use common sense and be ready to swap out one day for another. For example, if you planned to visit the British Museum on your first day, but you can see that the sun is shining, you might want to change your activities for a day that you planned outside events- such as the visit to the London Eye or Kew Gardens.

Plan “Down” Time

Don’t forget to plan some time to sit and have a traditional English Tea or just stop and people watch in Trafalgar square. Even lingering in a Pub and watching sport on TV (with the Londoners) can give you a great understanding of what it is like to live in the UK more than a museum or book.

These are just some ideas to get you started as you plan your trip to London. Another great tool is to use the benefits that come with a tourist card, like the London Pass. These types of cards are specially designed to help visitors see the most popular sites, save money on entrance fees and save time, by going to the top of the line at many attractions.

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